Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Recovering from a cold...

Tonight my cold feels slightly better. Today and yesterday I had bouts of violent sneezing and tears and snot running down my face. Bleh. I think the office is dusty, which is aggravating my symptoms.

I just bought eye drops, but they made my pupils dilate a ton! Are they supposed to do that? I'm not sure I can use them at work because you shouldn't be on the computer when your eyes are dilated. Bleh. My coworker's always using eyedrops or rubbing his hands all over his face. Which makes me go Argh. I'd rub my face too cuz my eyes hurt, but FOUNDATION. Seriously. Ladies learn that we can't touch our faces unless it's in the early morning before we get made up or in the evening after we've washed our faces.

Meh. I don't think it's good to always be touching your face anyway.

In other news, I am also ready to be moving on to the next step in my career path. Whatever it is.

Good news for this week is I saw American Sniper on Sunday! I'm not sure how I feel about the movie. I was more interested in the sniper part than the America part. It certainly did feel rather whitewashed. The Chris Kyle character for the movie was strictly a self-sacrificing hero. However, the person I was with enjoyed the movie and thought it was the most badass story ever, so I also had a good time.

There was a scene in a bar, and I couldn't help thinking about Fifty Shades of Grey. In American Sniper the hero holds a girls hair back while she throws up and then cheerfully accepts her rejection. He does not carry her unconscious body back to a hotel and creepily watch her sleep. A movie that mostly takes place in a war zone is still 100 times more romantic than 50 Shades of Grey!

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