Saturday, March 7, 2015

Adulting Skill Unlocked: Eyedrops!

It seems like every year I learn to do something random that most people seem to do easily but I've always hated. Last year I learned how to have pierced ears and not be afraid of sticking in earrings. This week I learned how to use eye drops.

Generally, I HATE HATE HATE putting stuff in my eyes. Or near my eyes. My one experience with false lashes was painful and tedious. And I wasn't even the person putting them on. I can tolerate mascara. But you'll never see me putting eyeliner above my lower lashes--ewwwwww. That looks like a recipe for PAIN. Luckily, my eyesight is pretty good so I can get by without wearing contacts. That's how I've managed to live 26 years without getting good at sticking things in my eyeballs.

The only time I've ever had eye drops was at the eye doctor, and it was the best I could do to not jerk out of the way when someone else was putting them in. Using eye drops voluntarily was a whole bunch of NOPE.

The only reason I'm using them now is because my eyes have been really hurting lately, and it seems like some of my coworkers use some kind of eye drops. (And in one case rub their fists all over their eyes in a really weird way, but you won't catch me doing that in public.) I didn't even know what kind to get, really, so I just ended up browsing through the pharmacy and buying the brand that was the cheapest and had some English in the title.

At first the eye drop just ran down my cheek because I kept missing. But guess what? After two or three times, I got the hang of it. I can now do eye drops.  It was surprisingly easy.

I didn't know how they were supposed to work, so the first time I used the eye drops the pupil of my eye dilated to three times its usual size. I was thinking, "Hmmm that looks pretty weird. It will go away, though, right?" The next morning, my eyes were still really dilated! I went into work thinking, "Nope, I didn't do any drugs this morning....Definitely not stoned, people. Just don't look too close, okay?" But luckily no one noticed.

My Japanese teacher told me that contracted pupils are a sign of tiredness that the eye drops were supposed to help with.

After a few days I noticed, "Hey, that skin around my eyes that I thought was supposed to be red, actually it's pale pink! Who knew?" I'm hoping my eyes look less tired now in the evenings after work. But I might switch to a different brand now that I know eye drops work for me.

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