Saturday, March 28, 2015

Clothes Donated!

I'm slowing getting closer to having all my stuff packed up. On Saturday I got rid of two bags of clothes! My closet is already emptier. The Pastor's family at my church has two teenage daughters, so they agreed to look through my old stuff and then they'll take whatever they don't like to a thrift store. They asked if I wanted anything back after they looked through my clothes, and I was like...nah. I don't want to deal with it.

So on Saturday I packed everything into my brown suitcase (luckily I didn't have to expand it) and rolled the suitcase over to church. It felt kind of dumb to have this big suitcase on the train when I wasn't even traveling, and even dumber on the way back when it was empty. At church I repackaged everything into plastic bags and the Murray family could take the stuff in their car.

However, depending on how packing goes I might have to get rid of more stuff in a few weeks! Bleh.

I was surprised that the suitcase felt so light on the way over. Because I stuffed it full, and there were some boots in there too in addition to clothes. I have to walk a few blocks to the station and then for about 10 minute to church after I get off the train in Asaminami. But it really wasn't too difficult. And I could stuff anything I didn't want to carry in my purse into the suitcase so for once I wasn't worried about bringing too much stuff. I win!

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