Sunday, December 22, 2013

Last day in Japan for this year!

Wow, I can't believe I'm really going home tomorrow! I feel so tired...This last week has seemed so long. However I've received some kind gifts from people at work, so it already feels like the Christmas season. Some of the gifts came to the company from our online students, whom I have never met in person. It's kind of amazing, because I feel like I know these people so well. (Even this one lady who always makes her camera really blurry so no one can see her face. Weirdly, she's one of the people I got the closes too.) The online freetalk is closing down after December, so I guess I'll just be doing office work after that.

This Thursday I mailed a letter at the post office, and the lady who works there recognized me (I used to have a lot of trouble paying my rent...). She asked if I was returning to England for Christmas. I sort of did a double take and was like, "Um, yes...I'm returning to America. I'm American." Hahaha no one has mistaken me for an English girl before.

This year I just hope to have a happy Christmas with some special people.

I tried doing the half-makeup thing this morning where you put makeup on only half your face and take a photo. But it's kind of a cheat because I already straightened both sides of my hair. Overall disappointing. Aside from the eyeshadow, it's not obvious the makeup is there at all. Usual routine includes:

powder foundation (no liquid layer because it looks gunky)
eye shadow (base)
second coat of eye shadow (sparkles)
blush (two colors)
eyebrow liner
lipgloss (no liner because I have no clue how to use it)

Actually, in this picture I swear the no makeup side looks better, but that's only because my smile is lopsided.