Thursday, February 28, 2013


Top moments from the Kyoto Osaka vacation.

1. Booby trapping my coffee on the bus.

2. The komori at Osaka zoo.

3. Going on six rides at Universal Studios.

Yes pictures are coming.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 I think I'll start a blog for quotes that should be by a famous author but aren't. So people can create witticisms in the style of an author and post them. I don't know why it just sounds like fun.

Last month I started thinking in the style of Laclos for some reason. "Once the reputation is lost, what  can virtue do but follow it?" Right now I'm working on that's either from Charlotte Bronte or George Eliot. We'll see.

I guess everyone would like really smart people to comment on their lives.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wisdom tooth

Hm... Lack of wifi has prompted me to blog via iPhone. We will see How this goes.

Obviously I got my wisdom tooth out. And to make it more interesting I got it out the spartan way Mr. Gilbreth might've said. Apparently in Japan everyone does local anesthetic only for wisdom tooth removal. Yikes. I'm just lucky I only have one.

But the dentist was very competent and professional (and spoke english) so I felt pretty comfortable during the operation. There was a funny moment at the beginning where the dentist gave me my postoperation medicine before the operation. So I'm sitting there looking at these aspirin tablets and thinking " is this all is giving me before he digs into my mouth?"So I said "you're giving me an injection too, right?" Then he just started laughing.

Really the worst part about the operation was all the pressure on my jaw. other than that I couldn't feel anything. For some reason they put a towel over my eyes too. i don't know why. It's not like I could see what's going on inside my own mouth.

I asked keep the bone chips  afterwards so my wisdom tooth is in like five pieces that's a plus. I'm not sure how to get the picture on from my phone but it's on Facebook.

On a side note this voice thing works really well I'm surprised.